Taravari: Only for private treatment in Public Health the citizens of Kosovo and Albania will be treated at the same prices as Macedonians

Arben Taravari / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The citizens of Kosovo, Albania and Serbia will not be equal to the Macedonian citizens in the part of payment of participation, but in the part of private treatment - says the former minister of health and president of the Alliance of Albanians for the Free Press, Arben Taravari.

- This practically means that the prices for foreign citizens will be the same as for Macedonian citizens who do not have insurance and are treated in state clinics and hospitals. Thus, if 150 euros are paid for recording a magnetic resonance privately at the Clinical Center for all our citizens who are not insured, a Kosovar or Albanian citizen will pay the same amount, says Taravari.

He explains that this is made possible by bilateral agreements between the states and that if it had not been done, foreigners would have continued to go to private healthcare where they paid much cheaper.

 This is how we return foreign patients to Public Health. Earlier, everyone went to private clinics where it was cheaper, says Taravari.


The Ministry of Health says that nthere is equalization of prices between foreign citizens and insured citizens of the RSM, but equalization of prices for private health services
- Regarding the price list for the provision of health services to foreigners, the Ministry of Health informs that a letter has been sent to all university clinics and institutes to harmonize the price lists for private health services for foreigners with citizens of RSM who are uninsured and pay privately. We emphasize that it is not a question of price equalization between foreign citizens and RSM citizens, but the equalization is with private patients who are not health insured, that is, who do not pay health insurance.

Hence, these changes do not require any changes in the law, because some of the clinics and institutes already had uniform price lists, that is, one price list for private health services. With this change, foreign nationals are given the right to choose between public and private institutions, by promoting public health as an accessible and efficient health service in our country, competitive in the labor market.

The price is the same. Macedonian citizens who do not have health insurance will pay the same price as foreigners, because it is a private service. This means that the citizens who pay health insurance will in no way be in a subordinate position to pay the tax to foreigners, the citizens will of course pay their own participation, that is, they will pay cheaper.

This has worked in some state clinics before, and now the initiative is being continued in other clinics as well.

- Until now, they paid double prices and that only in public healthcare, not in private healthcare. Now they will pay the same price as our citizens who are not insured - the Ministry says.

Yesterday, Minister Mejiti said that Kosovo citizens have been paying double prices until now, and that only in public healthcare, not in private healthcare.

- We gave an order from the Ministry of Health that this should be equalized and have the same prices as for the state, because actually foreigners do not come to Macedonia, they come from Kosovo, especially for health needs. I have also taken measures for the citizens from Albania who come and visit the hospitals in the Ohrid region, said Mejiti.

Majhiti's statement caused stormy reactions in the public, especially at the doctor's office.

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