Taravari: The new government will devote itself as much as possible to relations with Greece

Arben Taravari, presidential candidate Worth, Photo: Facebook Taravari

The president of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, and MPs Halil Snopce and Mimosa Musa had a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of the Republic of Greece, Alexandra Papadopoulou and Sofia Filipidou.

"At the meeting, the parties agreed on the importance of the implementation of international agreements that have already been adopted, despite the fact that in both countries there are certain circles that do not agree with those agreements, their implementation should be mandatory," informed the party.

Taravari emphasized that there is no other alternative than joining the EU, and the new government will devote itself to the European path and to strengthening relations with the Republic of Greece, as a very important partner of the country.

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