Taravari announced a body of Western experts to oversee the work of judges and prosecutors

Arben Taravari/Photo: Free Press

The presidential candidate from the "VREDI" coalition Arben Taravari if he gets the trust of the citizens, he will take concrete steps to solve what he said were politically staged cases and restore the trust of the citizens in the justice system. He announced a body of Western experts who will control the work of domestic judges and prosecutors.

"With the VREDI coalition, as a top priority we will have the establishment of an independent, effective and fair judiciary, where no one will be above the law and no one will be oppressed due to nationality. VREDI undertakes to create a temporary body of Western experts, mainly from European countries, who will be integrated into the prosecution and judicial councils of North Macedonia for a six-year term. This body will monitor the work of domestic judges and prosecutors. But they themselves will contribute as judges and prosecutors. We will push through the vetting law for judges and prosecutors and completely reform the system for selecting, promoting, disciplining and dismissing judges and public prosecutors. After the popular plebiscite of April 24 and May 8, there will be no place in our judicial system for corrupt judges and prosecutors with a Yugoslav mentality. VREDI will Europeanize the judicial system, as a necessary condition for stopping the epidemic of corruption and selective justice," Taravari said.

Taravari, as he called politically staged cases such as Monstrum, Sopot, Brodec, Alfa, Divo Naselje, turned the Albanians into a piece of meat.

"For the Monster case fabricated by the parapolitical structures, five innocent Albanians have been sentenced to life imprisonment or the maximum sentence. On the part of the authorities, this anniversary was treated like all others: with the silence that characterizes guilt. Monstrum, Sopot, Brodec, Alfa, Divo Naselje and others, are all names that remind us of the open wound in our society, that of selective justice that oppresses Albanians. Selective justice in politically motivated cases, but also the increasing impunity after the amendment of The Criminal Code has led us to a situation where only 2% of citizens believe in justice. I, as the President of the Republic, will take concrete steps to solve the politically staged cases and to restore the citizens' trust in the justice system," Taravari said.

He also addressed the media Sabri Aziri, a member of the family of the convicted in the case of Monster Haki Aziri and Feyzi Aziri.

"On this twelfth anniversary, an old video is widely circulating in the media and on social networks, where the candidate of the Front of the mounted cases, Bujar Osmani, revealed the DUI's views on the Monstrum case. Bujar Osmani, in his capacity as the spokesperson of DUI, in front of the cameras and without the slightest shame, without blushing at all, said, and I quote: "We based on evidence allowed such an action. We guarantee the Albanians that we will not allow such mounting". In another case, Bujar Osmani said about my relative Haki Haziri that, I quote: "Our information says that he is not in any state institution. He contacts his family and disappears of his own volition." This was a scandalous statement, because Haki Haziri was held by secret service authorities in secret institutions and pressured to agree to become a collaborator and witness in the Monster case. And what followed later is a chapter in itself, which remains an incurable wound to this day. For Monstrum and for all politically mounted cases, DUI will be responsible," said Sabri Aziri.

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