Taravari: We will have an internal party referendum on the entry of the Alliance into power

Photo: Free Press

The narrow party leadership of the Alliance for Albanians will be the team that will negotiate for the possible entry of the party into power, the leader said tonight Arben Taravari, after holding the meeting of the Central Presidency. He pointed out that entry into the government will be conditioned by the program requirements of the party, but in the end, whether the Alliance will be part of the government will be decided in an internal party referendum.

"Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we will sit down, we already have a strategy, but once again we will do what we plan to be the Government's program if it is expanded and what our conditions will be." We will also talk about personnel solutions. If they meet our requirements, especially the program requirements, not so much in terms of personnel, then we will also listen to the members of the AA and make a definitive decision, I hope not for a long time, in a very short time this will be decided either we are or we continue in opposition we are accustomed to opposition, it is not a problem for us. In the meantime, we will also organize an internal party referendum, and for us as the leadership of the party, what the 11.500 AA members will say is very important. "We have to listen to the voice of the membership as we listen to the voice of the common citizen," said Taravari.

For the constitutional amendments, as indicated by Taravari, his MPs will vote, but the number of 80 parliamentarians depends on VMRO DPMNE, and not on AA.

"Without deputies from VMRO DPMNE, we cannot reach 80 deputies, so our goal is to give a chance to make 80 deputies, it does not depend on us, if it depended on us we would have made the number of 80 deputies," Taravari said.

This afternoon, the presidency of the Alliance for Albanians at the headquarters in Tetovo held the announced meeting after the decision last weekend of the Central Assembly to form the negotiating team for the participation of the party in the Government. Taravari before the meeting stated that they still do not have a specific offer from Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski for entering the ruling coalition.

The negotiation teams are in stock, this weekend the meeting between Kovacevski and Taravari

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