Taravari started the purge of the economic directors, today he will dismiss 7, for the others the Law will be changed

Arben Taravari in surgery / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The "purge" of the economic directors in the Clinical Center begins today. As announced by the new Minister of Health Dr. Arben Taravari, those economic directors who are in charge of duty will be able to be replaced immediately, and for others who have a mandate, legal changes will be initiated in the Parliament. The goal is that the economic directors will no longer exist as a category of the Clinical Center, and in one year at the latest it will merge into one unit.

Today, 7-8 acting economic directors will be dismissed. I have already given an order in the ministry to dismiss a certain number of economic directors whose mandate is ending today.

By mid-July, all acting economic directors will be dismissed. For the economic directors with a mandate, amendments to the Law will be required in the Parliament. In a month or two, there will be no more economic directors by law, Taravari announced.

There are some clinics where there is no appointed medical director, but there is an economic director. There, Taravari will first have to appoint a medical director, then dismiss the economic one. He added that he will also appoint a medical director at the Toxicology Clinic where Danil Petrovski was dismissed.


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