Taravari: The election of the president of the state in the Assembly is not a condition for the formation of a future government coalition

Arben Taravari - President of the Alliance of Albanians / Photo: Sloboden pechat/Dragan Mitreski

The election of the president of the state in the Assembly is not a condition for forming a future government coalition, but a proposal, an idea for which we ask to be discussed and to open a wider social debate, says the president of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari.

In his guest appearance on Sitel's Diary, he points out that the proposal to introduce the position of vice president of the state is not his but Ali Ahmeti's from DUI. Regarding the proposal for the election of the head of state in the Assembly. Taravari points to the example of the election of the first president of the Republic of Macedonia in 1990, 1991 Kiro Gligorov in the Parliament, which he considers to be a more rational and economical way of election.

- Our idea was not to condition it. I did not say a two-thirds majority, I said a simple majority with 61 votes. But we should seriously think about this. The president of the state in Macedonia does not have any more powers than in other countries similar to Macedonia and in which the president is elected in the Parliament. Why wouldn't you think and why wouldn't you open a debate between us. There are many things that do not work in the country. We are all aware that it is not going well. Many things about which we have opposing opinions, it is good to discuss them between us through debates, again what is best for the citizens, for the state, we would decide that way. This is not a condition from me as a presidential candidate, but an idea that I am proposing and looking for, and I want to open a debate between the candidates, but also other political parties, says Taravari.

He is determined that in his speech he did not mention that this is a condition for forming a future government coalition.

- No, in my speech that condition was not mentioned at all, but we said that if we already open changes in the Constitution, except that the Bulgarian and other minorities should be added, which is a condition for starting the negotiations, I said that it is good to withdraw and 20 percent of the Constitution for the Albanian language, and thirdly to open a debate and discussion about the possible election of the president of the country, as happened in the 90s when the first president of the Republic of Macedonia was elected, underlines Taravari.

He believes that the fact that the largest political parties SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE have already rejected the proposal to elect a president in the Assembly is due to their emotional reaction.

- I think that this is more of an emotional, affective reaction than a rational reasoning by the larger parties from the Macedonian bloc. I think that this topic should be discussed among experts and a broader social debate should be opened and we should come to what is better for the citizens and the state, says Taravari.

Asked about the split in the Alliance of Albanians, whether it might be a game considering that after the public exchange of heated words with Ziyadin Sela, they sat down and agreed around the party's premises, he says that it is not a game but about opposing views on how to act. as a party in the upcoming elections.

- It is true that we met (with Sela) more than two weeks ago. We saw that we could not comply. He insisted on going to the polls alone, I insisted that we restore the party's credibility not with the membership, but with AA voters and sympathizers. We would get the same number of MPs if we go alone and with the opposition. If we go to the elections alone, DUI wins, if we go with the opposition we have a real chance and the polls already show that we are ahead of DUI. So we should give the citizen a chance once after 22 years for that rotation to happen in the Albanian block, Taravari says.

As for whether he is ready to take responsibility, to step down from office if he fails to enter the second round of the presidential elections, which is his goal, Taravari says he is not planning such a thing, but it should be considered.

- I have only been the president of a party for one year and I have been the mayor of Gostivar for another year. I don't plan, but if there is a bad result, of course all options should be considered, says AA leader Arben Taravari.

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