Taravari: Erasing "20 percent" from the Constitution and replacing it with "Albanian language" means writing history

Arben Taravari, Mayor of Gostivar / Photo: Free Press Archive

The leader of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari stood by the Minister of Justice Krenar Loga and said that the removal of "20%" from the Constitution and its replacement with the "Albanian language" should happen now, with the constitutional amendments that provide for the entry of Bulgarians as a community living in North Macedonia. Minister Osmani did not comment on the statement, but announced a meeting of the coalition partners and those who support the constitutional amendments.

In a post on Facebook last night, Taravari stated that all Albanian parties, including the Macedonian parties, will be part of this historic moment, pointing out their leaders Dimitar Kovachevski from SDSM and Hristijan Mickoski from VMRO-DPMNE.

- The Alliance for Albanians is happy that the moment has now come when the political parties in Macedonia will be able to express their consent for the Albanian language to be named as such and no longer be mistakenly called "20%". We propose that this change happen now and we are convinced, not only in the agreement of the Albanian parties, but also of all the parties in Macedonia - Taravari wrote.

According to him, all parties that will participate in this change will be written down in history as democratic parties, especially European ones.

- Especially Mr. Kovaceski and Mr. Mickovski will become part of this important moment not only for the Albanians living in this country, but also for the European future of our common state. We look forward to the moment of the official announcement of this non-partisan promise - adds Taravari.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, did not comment on Taravari's position today and announced that what is coming next is a meeting of the leaders of the coalition partners and those who support the constitutional amendments, at which all aspects and steps towards the constitutional amendments would be reviewed.

- I don't think that we should now express our views through the media regarding what our position is, but we should sit down and see what the circumstances are, what the possibilities are, what the state's priorities are. So I expect that at that meeting each party will state their views and I expect that without much debate we will reach a decision on how to proceed - said Osmani.

The Ministry of Justice previously announced that the working group for constitutional amendments is expected to be formed by the end of next week and that it will start working in the second half of April. If the opposition VMRO-DPMNE persists in its attitude of not participating in the working group, it will continue its work, and VMRO-DPMNE will have no arguments for criticizing the amendments to change the Constitution, since they did not participate in their adoption.

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