Taravari would also support a minority government, but says AA is also ready to run institutions

Arben Taravari, AA President/Photo: Archive

The president of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, stated tonight that in a few days it will be known whether they will become part of the government or not. He claims that "this work is not done"

AA, according to the leader, could support a minority government, but is also ready to take on certain responsibilities and manage institutions.

- I think that in a few days we have to decide. I plan to convene the Central Presidency next week and finish this work, Taravari said on Thelma's "Win-Win" show.

"We are receiving clear messages that it is not good to go to early elections in 2023, we would also support a minority government without getting a ministerial or director position and be the "backup" of the Government, to ensure a quorum in the Parliament, and the Government to try to make 80 MPs for constitutional amendments," says Taravari.

- We have offered this and I am saying it publicly, but we are also ready to take on certain responsibilities and possibly lead certain institutions, Taravari said.

The AA president claims that personnel issues were not discussed at all in the meetings with the prime minister Dimitar Kovacevski. At the last meeting, most of the time they talked about program alignment. But he says that one of their goals is the fight against corruption and that by leading certain institutions they would show that.

With the president of Alternative, Afrim Gashi, Taravari says that they have relatively good communication and that they have met twice and that their intention is not for anyone to leave the Government, but for the AA to make its contribution either externally or internally.

Taravari points out that the period we are in as a country is "a little bit different than it was before February 2022". The invasion of Russia in Ukraine, according to him, changed many things, and the beginning of the screening process of the country, together with Albania, brings us to a situation in which we should not only think about the rating of the party, but also about the good of the ordinary citizen. and to society.

According to him, VMRO-DPMNE behave as if AA must remain in opposition.

- With this, we want to send a message to VMRO-DPMNE. On the one hand, she remains with the Left and they are already, let me say, unfortunately, stigmatized as simply stalling the process due to an unclear matter. On the other hand, they do not think that if Macedonia does not start the negotiations by the end of the year, it will be even more tragic for the country and for the people, Taravari said.

According to him, with a number of 64 MPs, it is much more difficult to reach the number of 80 MPs.

– With a concrete number of 70 or 72, plus Besa, who I think would vote the same as Alliance, regardless of whether they are position or opposition. I think it is much easier to reach 80 deputies from 72 or 74 than in this state in which the current majority is, said Taravari, according to whom there will be constitutional amendments, at least eight more votes will be needed.

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