Tanja Turundzieva, nutritionist at Tagama: Do not delay, the change in diet starts today!

Tanja Turundzieva
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The nutritionist is against eliminating some nutrients or forcing them, especially for those who do experiments to lose weight overnight.

For some of the most common paradoxes with nutrition, why everyone needs an individual diet plan and why the change in eating habits should start immediately, says nutritionist Tanja Turundzieva.

The body needs all the basic elements

Turundzieva says that she is against the elimination of some nutrients or forcing them, especially for those who do experiments to lose weight as fast as possible, overnight. But the body needs all the basic elements - it needs useful proteins, carbohydrates, fats, it also needs useful cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables and most importantly - fluids. We are known as a nation that drinks very little fluid and if we wonder why there is so much cellulite in this region, even among those who exercise regularly, it is because in our diet we have abstinence from fluids and a large intake of saturated fats that are on black list of products - white bread, white flour, white sugar, a lot of salt, the presence of industrial processing of meat and dairy products.

summer food cooking

It is important not only to be healthy, but also to eat properly

For example, sesame has the most calcium of all nutrients, but it is one thing to eat it raw and another to eat it cooked. One of the most aggressive allergens is roasted sesame seeds. It is the same with fresh broccoli, which is now popular, or cauliflower. In particular, broccoli is rich in folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, with large amounts of iron and, among other things, vitamin C. During heat treatment, even for two or three minutes, even in steam or boiling water, the vitamin is automatically lost.

Once at least one of the minerals or vitamins is left out of the organic structure of the nutrient, it no longer has the true organic structure.

It is best for all food to be freshly prepared, based on products from the current season and in no case to be fried, even if someone paradoxically uses olive oil for frying - fried food is carcinogenic regardless of the oil it is prepared in, says nutritionist Turundzieva .

Good organization will allow you to easily implement healthy habits, and it is important to know that all prepared food lasts 24 hours, which allows meals to be prepared a day earlier.

Individual approach to food

The approach to food should be individual, according to the needs of the organism, diseases and indications given to us by the organism, but we may secretly ignore them. And that indication tells us exactly what is happening with our metabolism, with the immune system, with the organism, with the endocrine
system, with vital organs, etc. So, if we notice the indications in time, if we seek medical help, we will solve the problem quickly. Unfortunately, in our country nothing works in the first place, but it is always tertiary - first, everyone tries something on their own, then they consult the internet лка wandering takes time which in certain situations can be crucial, even fatal, to end as no one wants to end.

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Not every medicine in the form of food is compatible

For example, those who have a kidney problem should not take citrus, then, during anticoagulant therapies, red berries, grapefruit, green leafy vegetables are excluded due to vitamin K, but we must not completely exclude its intake because it is in our metabolic chain. Every vitamin and every mineral should be dosed as much as the body needs so that we do not make hypervitaminosis or hypermineralization because it is more difficult to diagnose such a disorder than the diagnosis of the disease itself. Every time muscle cramps do not mean a lack of magnesium or calcium, it may be hypervitaminosis that gives such an indication. Hair loss can not be just a lack of iron or zinc - let's not forget the biotin, ie vitamin X which is essential for beautiful hair and beautiful nails.

Only in situations when it comes to an extreme phase or when the body can not replenish itself on a natural basis, Turundzieva allows supplementation to supplement the diet. Vitamin D deficiency must be compensated, especially in those who have an immune problem and who have autoimmune diseases. Or in the case of acute anemias when iron is at an enormously low level, it is necessary to have a supplement of iron, vitamin C, but also copper as one of the essential minerals that help in such a situation.


Should we consume sugars?

We must not neglect the naturally squeezed juices that need to be drunk throughout the day to keep the glycemic level constant. There are three types of sugars - monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides, and it depends on us how we enter them and what type of sugars our cells will be fed.

On the other hand, in certain situations with fungal infections, although the fruit is very healthy, it should never be eaten because it is known that the fungus feeds on sugar. That is why we must know what happens individually to our body in order to properly enter what it needs.

Division and time limit of meals

Everyone has their own daily biorhythm and therefore it is illusory to have time limits on meals. We can not forbid ourselves to eat after 20 pm if we know that we have mental work until 1 am. Our minds will be frustrated, we will open the fridges 100 times at the end, when they are
we will run out and our sugar level will drop, we will be able to eat everything.

We can always eat fresh salad that contains useful vitamins and minerals enough for our digestive system, our body, and most of all for our mind from which everything begins and ends, to be supplied with useful food and so on. "Empty" calories.


Education from the smallest feet

Children from an early age should be brought up on a healthy and proper diet. Mothers take the most care of the child until the first year, when they try to feed him the healthiest, but then unhealthy industrial snacks should not be a substitute for such food. This weakens the immune system
system, not to mention everything that the child ingests - from emulsifier, preservative, artificial color, to aroma that aggression to the immune system. They should not give up when the child does not want a certain type of food, on the contrary, through play and education, persistence always pays off, you just have to have a goal.

If you do not offer another alternative to the child, he will starve, so he must eat the meal, as in another time, while we were growing up, when the rule was valid - if you do not eat green beans for lunch, you will not get anything else for dinner, says Turundzieva.

Different help from nutritionists

She almost does not remember when, recently, someone came to her to lose weight, but most often they have a health problem, says the nutritionist, and adds that she is especially glad that lately self-initiated council teams are organized for to decide
certain health problems. Gynecologists, immunologists, nutritionists, because they know that in the interest of that individual it will help a lot when working as a team. In that respect, they have really good results, especially for those women who could not realize pregnancy, but when several experts are involved, when together everyone in their field solves their problem as it should - professionally, then how it succeeds. at the end.

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