Dance Fest Skopje 2023 will bring a rich program under the motto "Dancing we create the future!"

Works by 19 choreographers from the country and abroad will be performed at Dance Fest Skopje 2023

The "Interart" cultural center announced the program for "Dance Fest Skopje 2023", which this year will take place under the motto "Dancing we create the future!" and will bring 19 choreographers from the country, as well as from the Netherlands, the USA, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Spain and China.

The opening of the festival, which is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje, will take place on April 4 on the stage of the Macedonian National Theater with the play "Talents in motion" by the dance company "Kodarts" from Rotterdam, in honor of 30 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and our country.

In cooperation with the US Embassy in Skopje, on April 12, the "Dallas Black Dance Company" from the USA will be presented on the stage of the MNT festival, with its attractive program. As part of this cooperation, the project "Dance Communications" will be held, workshops for young dancers who will prepare a short choreography under the mentorship of the dancers and professors from the USA and the Skopje Dance Theater, and will perform it on April 12 on the stage of MNT , before the company's appearance from the United States.

Dallas Black Dance Company from USA / Photo: Amitava Sarkar

Contemporary choreographies by Jakub Cerulik from Slovakia, Sandra Mahvama from Romania, Gilda Cesario from Italy, the company "A priori" from Greece will be presented on the stage of the Youth Cultural Center. The Macedonian dance scene will be presented with the choreographies "Walking and similar choreographic solutions" by Filip Petkovski, on April 28 at the Small Stage of the National Opera, and "Code #9" by Ivana Balabanova and Alessandro Ola, which will be performed on April 24 on the stage at "Kino Frosina" in MKC.

On April 11, the Skopje Dance Theater will present the new productions "A place, very special for her" by Adriana Dancevska and "Blocks" by Dejan Bitrovski, in which the dancers of the company and the students of the Department of Contemporary Dance at Gotse Delchev University participate. ". On April 10, the new choreography by Boban Ruseski, under the title "Taboo Republic", will be performed in the MKC, produced by the Skopje Dance Theater.

On April 26, the premiere of Risima Rysimkin's latest choreography, "Lady Macbeth", will be performed on the MNT stage, which this year has been invited to the "Shakespeare Fringe" festival in Verona, Italy. The festival will also hold an "Open Program" with the participation of studios from Skopje and other cities in the country.

The program of "Dance Fest Skopje" is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje, the US Embassy in Skopje, UDG, "Vitalia" and "Bovin".

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 172, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 25-26.3.2023)

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