Tamara in Istanbul won an award for "Singer from Macedonia"

Tamara Todevska
Tamara Todevska / Photo: Instagram, Tamara Todevska

Tamara Todevska received the award for "Singer from Macedonia" at the international festival "The best of Rumeli 2022" which took place yesterday evening in Istanbul, Turkey.

In her address to the attendees, Tamara thanked the organizers and emphasized that she will always have good memories of Istanbul:

- During my successful career, I received several awards, several recognitions, and each of them is particularly important to me. These awards are not ordinary objects, but are proof of the quality of my work, of the music we produce, of the fact that you are recognized beyond your borders. Honestly, I thank you for the honor and for making me proud again - Todevska emphasized.


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"Another award that I am particularly proud and happy about. Thanks "Best of Rumeli 2022"
Every recognition is important to me, because it is a confirmation that we have quality music that is recognized and valued outside of Macedonia," wrote Tamara next to the photos with the award in her hands that she posted on her Instagram profile. Tamara received numerous congratulations from her colleagues and fans.

Tamara sang the Eurovision song at the ceremony "Proud".

By the way, Tamara is staying in Istanbul for several days, in the company of her mother, and the singer published photos and videos from her stay in this city.


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Tamara has already announced her participation in the domestic festival Makfest, and two new songs are planned to be released in the coming period.

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