Taiwan tests new submarine

Taiwan has launched its first home-made submarine, and it will soon be undergoing testing at the port of Kaohsiung.

The Hai Kun submarine, built in the southern port city of Kaohsiung last September, marks the beginning of a new era for the island nation's defense strategy.

After months of anticipation, observers were given a closer look at the Hai Kun as it headed out to sea before final preparations to conduct the test.

The submarine is powered by a combined diesel-electric engine, part of a larger initiative to modernize Taiwan's naval fleet, and is to be the first of eight submarines aimed at strengthening the defense force.

The domestic submarine program reflects Taiwan's proactive approach to defense in response to increased activity by the People's Liberation Army in surrounding waters, particularly in the Taiwan Strait.

With a renewed emphasis on domestic weapons programs and rising defense spending, Taiwan is seeking to strengthen its position in the face of external pressures.

Despite China's claims of sovereignty over Taiwan, the island nation remains steadfast in its commitment to autonomy and self-defense.

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