Sadness in Jelena Tomasevic's home, the singer's father died

Jelena Tomasevic / Photo: Instagram/Jelena Tomasevic

The Serbian singer Jelena Tomasevic shared the sad news on his Instagram profile. Namely, she announced that her father died a few days ago.

Tomasevic published a photo of him from his youth and a joint photo from her concert, and in the description he wrote an emotional message, with which he said goodbye to his dear parent.

"My good and handsome father!" For several days now I can't believe that this is the reality, that he left. I know you are with the angels, because such good people deserve it through this earthly life with your nobility and honesty! Thank you for always believing in me and thank you for your love and support throughout my life. I couldn't have received a better gift! And now travel through the light, let your beautiful voice ring throughout the universe! I love you forever my guardian angel," the singer wrote.

Jelena Tomasevic's father / Photo: Instagram/Jelena Tomasevic

As a reminder, Jelena Tomasevic also has a brother - Darko, who is also involved in music, but is not exposed in the media.

Photo: Instagram/Jelena Tomasevic

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