Sadness to heaven: Aki Rahimovski left behind a two-year-old daughter

Aki Rahimovski
Aki Rahimovski / Photo: Printscreen / Facebook

The deceased singer Aki Rahimovski kept his privacy out of the public eye. Recently, the most current topic was that he became a father at the age of 65, ie that he had a daughter with the mysterious Slovenian Barbara who is 30 years younger than him.

The two successfully hid the news from the public that they have been waiting for a baby for almost three months, and few knew that he would become a father in adulthood.

In a statement to the media, his friend and member of "Parni Valjak", Hussein Hasanfendic Hus said:

"If Mick Jagger could have become a father at the age of 74, why not Aki."

The singer's daughter is the third child, and her name is Antonija. He was previously married for a long time to Ingrid, with whom he has a son Christian and a daughter Dina.
The news broke today that he died at the age of 67, after his health suddenly deteriorated. His manager said he was rushed to hospital, but died within hours.

The singer of "Parni Valjak" Aki Rahimovski died at the age of 67

Aki Rahimovski had a daughter with a 27-year-old Slovenian

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