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Dr. Dejan Dokic: "Ivermectin" has an effect in the treatment of covid-19, I gave it to my son when he developed symptoms

Miroslava Burns
After the company Ivermectin manufacturer, Merck, announced that this preparation does not cure covid-19, the medical expert community expressed their disagreement. The medical professionals contacted by "Free ...
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Interview with Dr. Lilija Cholakova Dervishova: Ivermectin is dosed 0,2 mg per kilogram of body weight in patients with covid-19

Kristina Apostolova
The expert collegium for the PHI University Clinic for Pulmonology and Allergology and the covid-centers in the internal medicine block, prepared an opinion on the use of the drug ivermectin in patients infected ...
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Family doctors still waiting for directions for treatment with ivermectin

Elizabeta Damjanoska Spasenovska
Family doctors are still waiting for official directions for treatment with the drug "ivermectin" and its dosage. The President of the Association of Family Doctors Lilija Cholakova Dervishova says ...