Tadic is close to a decision to run for president of Serbia again

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Two months before the regular presidential, early parliamentary and city elections in Belgrade on April 3, political life in Serbia is dedicated to agreements on candidate lists and electoral coalitions for these elections, MIA reports from Belgrade.

Among the ruling parties, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), according to the media, it is more likely that the joint presidential candidate will be SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic, Belgrade mayoral candidate will be the mayor of New Belgrade and vice president of the SNS, Aleksandar Sapic, and by the end of the week, Aleksandar Vucic and the leader of the SPS, Ivica Dacic, will decide whether these two ruling parties will go with one electoral list or, most likely, separately in the parliamentary elections.

In the United Opposition of Serbia, which in addition to Zoran Lutovac's Democratic Party (DS) also includes Dragan Ѓilas's Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Vuk Jeremiрод's People's Party (NS), the Free Citizens Movement (PSG), the Movement for changes and other movements and trade unions, there are still talks about the candidates and the performance of the elections. According to Djilas, retired General Zdravko Ponos, a former member of the National Assembly, has the best chances for their presidential candidate.

Former President of Serbia and leader of the Social Democratic Union (SDS), Boris Tadic said today that he will announce as soon as possible whether he will run for president.

- I will make a decision and announce it as soon as possible. I do not hesitate at all, but I am waiting for all the parameters to be set clearly so that I can make a good assessment and make the right decision. "I was the first to announce my candidacy this spring and I keep saying that I will make that decision against the assessment of whether other candidates can not only defeat Vucic, but also make real and necessary changes," Tadic said in an interview with Nova. according to the rating is at the very top.

Recent polls in Serbia suggest that the opposition has the best chance of winning the Belgrade elections, but only if it runs united in these elections.

As a candidate for mayor of Belgrade from the United Opposition of Serbia, after Lutovac's refusal to run for mayor, according to the media, after last night's meeting will probably be the non-partisan candidate and former ambassador to Britain, Vladeta Jankovic, who, according to H1, has accepted the candidacy, but there are several conditions that he will discuss these days.

Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic, who is no longer a member of the United Opposition of Serbia, officially presented his candidacy for the presidency yesterday and announced the official start of the campaign.

Milos Jovanovic from DSS and Srdjan Skoro from the Assembly of Free Serbia also announced their candidacy for the presidency. 

source MIA

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