She was the most beautiful model in Yugoslavia, and Goran Bregović dedicated the song "Bitch and Princess" to her.

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The famous musician Goran Bregović during his career he created and sang many songs, and one of them is "Bitch and Princess" which is among the favorites of many. However, few people know that this song is dedicated to Liliana Tica, one of the most beautiful women of the old Yugoslavia.

Liliana Titsa in the eighties she was the most beautiful and popular Yugoslav model, the first true Yugoslav top model. She won with her irresistible look, relaxed and natural walk, writes on the Instagram page "Jugonostalgia".

Many were enchanted by her beauty, and she worked for all the fashion houses of the former Yugoslavia. In 1976, she tried herself in the movie "Soldier's Love", and in 1978 she shot the movie "Coach".

Many men dreamed of winning her heart. The first youthful love with colleague Momo Jakovljevic, today a surgeon, was celebrated with fun, anecdotes and laughter.

But the attention of the public was attracted by her relationship with the legendary musician Goran Bregović, which lasted for 2 years. That love filled the newspapers of the time.

It was, as she later stated, a very stormy relationship dominated by her jealousy and possessiveness, fueled by his popularity and speculation that he had settled down with his ex-girlfriend. Bregović later, as they say, dedicated the hit song "Batanga and Princess" to her.

After winning Bazaar magazine's "Elite Face of the Year" competition, Titza traveled to the world beauty pageant in Acapulco. This opened the doors to world fashion agencies, among which the most attractive was the one from Munich, for which she moved to live there in 1983.

At a gala reception, she met Franco Hermann Maria Becha, her current husband, and then the marketing director of the German edition of "El" magazine. They were married in May 1987 in Hvar, where the church wedding took place.

At the age of 46, she gave birth to her son Lenny and it was the greatest happiness in her family. Since then, her life has taken on a new meaning. Today, Liliana is engaged in business in the field of gastronomy.

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