WHO: Omicron poses high health risks

Omicron / Photo: Profimedia

The level of risk associated with the variant omicron remains very high, he said WHO, after the number of new cases of cove-19 reached a new record last week.

- Reported ce more than 21 million new cases, that is the largest number of weekly cases reported since the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organization said in its weekly epidemiological update on the coronavirus.

The UN health agency said the number of new cases ce increased by five percent in the week to Sunday, compared with a 20 percent increase in the previous week.

"Globally, there is a slower increase in the number of cases," said the WHO.

The organization informs that ce registered almost 50.000 new deaths, similar as and the previous week. In the report ce says Omicron continues to dominate.

- The current global epidemiology of SARS-KOV-2 ce is characterized by the dominance of the Omicron variant worldwide, a continuous decline in the prevalence of the Delta variant and a very low level of distribution of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma strains, the WHO said.

In countries where there was a rapid increase in omicron cases in November and December 2021 yearce notes a slight decrease in cases. However, "based on the evidence currently available, the overall health risk associated with the Omicorn variant remains very high," the WHO said in a statement.

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