WHO: Omicron is not the last variant of the coronavirus pandemic

WHO / photo: MIA

World Health Organization High Representative Maria van Kerchove today warned countries that think they have put an end to the coronavirus pandemic by declining numbers of newly infected people that omicron is not the last strain of the pandemic.

- In many countries such as the United Kingdom, where the population has developed a high level of immunity from infections, where vaccination coverage is high, they will see a difference in the future. "You are in the second phase of a pandemic," she told the BBC.

She noted that of the 10 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine administered so far, three billion more are waiting for the first dose.

- We still have a very sensitive population. "It's a global problem, so we have to tackle it with global solutions," she said, adding that the coronavirus pandemic would not end with this omicron wave and that it was not the last strain to talk about.

Source: MIA

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