World Theater Day: Theater is a pure and humane act that is based on life

Teuta Aydini-Yegeni (Photo: Dejan Kolevski) and Samiha Ayoub (Photo: ITI/Production)

Every year, the Macedonian ITI/Production Center consistently marks the World Theater Day - March 27 with the selection of the author of the national message and the translation of the world message, which are read before every play that is performed in Macedonian theaters on that day.

The outstanding theater and film actress Teuta Aydini-Yegheni is the author of the home message on the occasion of World Theater Day - March 27. She is an actress - first in the NU Albanian Theater in Skopje. She played in thirty plays (in the mother theater in Skopje, in the National Theater in Kosovo and in independent productions), as well as in a dozen feature and television films and series. She is the winner of several theater and film awards.

- When I received the invitation from the Macedonian Center of ITI to deliver this year's message for the World Theater Day, which I am extremely honored by, I remembered a thought that I read somewhere, which says that it is impossible for the theater to speak calmly. And I think that is the truest answer to the question "what is the theater for you?", especially for someone who has been with the theater literally since he knew himself; someone who grew and grew old with him. In short, I can't calmly and coolly say "you know, theater for me is..." this and that... I can't, because that question for me is the same as asking me "what is life for you"? Even more than that – how about asking me "what is love for you?" Love! That is the right word for the theater – which comes to mind when I think of the theater, when I am in it, on the stage, in the audience, while preparing the role… And the feelings – well, they cannot be described so easily in words… here heart and soul, mind and body are intertwined, there are sweat and tears, and laughter and anger, and pain and joy... This is, I'm sure, what happens to every theater actor, because without those feelings not every single participant in the creation of the future life of a play will be able to convey the dramatic magic to the audience. Each one of us who works and lives with the theater has that love in us - wrote Teuta Aidini-Yegheni, adding that the task and mission of the theater is to follow life, to react to the happenings in society, in the world, to point to dangers and deviations in normality and humanity, to communicate the messages that the world and man need to hear in times of crisis.

The author of the world message is the doyen of the Egyptian theater and fascinating actress Samiha Ayoub, who, among other things, emphasizes that "our world has never been so closely connected with each other as it is today, but at the same time it has never been more distant and disharmonious." as it is today. Here lies the dramatic paradox that the modern world presents to us," adding that "theatre in its essence is a pure and humane act that is based on the essential human, which is life."

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 172, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 25-26.3.2023)

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