The World Chess Federation for the first time certified a school from Macedonia with a golden emblem

Photo: Yahya Kemal

PSU "Yahja Kemal" and the chess teacher Orce Dancevski are winners of the highest global recognition from the World Chess Federation (FIDE) for implementing chess in the school curriculum.

The Commission for Chess in Education, which is part of FIDE, certified Yahya Kemal with a golden emblem after evaluating ten criteria and activities that enable the successful implementation of chess as part of the educational program.

The Golden Award was awarded to PSU "Yahya Kemal" due to the highest scoring of the work program, materials and comprehensiveness in the lectures, integration of chess into the educational program as a whole, highly qualified chess instructors, promotion of chess events with media coverage as well as promotion of social inclusion , the financing of chess through the school budget.

Proposed improvements such as expanding the curriculum to include interdisciplinary approaches, expanding chess clubs for different age groups and opportunities for wider participation have also been praised.

This year, the Chess Education Commission at FIDE awarded over 20 recognitions according to the assessed criteria for gold, silver and bronze awards. He received the golden emblem of PSU "Yahja Kemal" in competition with chess schools from all over the world and is the only winner of this award at the level of the Balkans. It shares the highest recognition with 13 other chess schools from countries where chess is a brand and is experiencing the greatest expansion in world championships, such as India,

China, and in this company there are also schools from the USA, Spain, Brazil and others. This prestigious recognition from the World Chess Federation has been awarded to a school in Macedonia for the first time, otherwise chess as a subject at PSU Yahya Kemal was introduced in 2008.

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