World premiere of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and "Social Dilemma" Close IFFS

The fourth edition of the Research Film Festival - Skopje, which is held online this year, is coming to an end. The films from the festival selection, free of charge and with Macedonian subtitles, are available through the Cinesver platform.

- For the last day of the festival is scheduled a conversation with award-winning journalist Mia Malan, founder of the South African media Bekisisa, a shining example of thorough and responsible reporting on the KOVID-19 pandemic, as well as a speech by British independent documentary filmmaker Michael Oswald on "How to make a film without a budget ", said the IFFS / PINA team.

Oswald, they explain, will explain how the theme of the film is chosen, how collaborators are negotiated, how the film is produced and, crucially, how a work can be created without institutional support that will leave a mark. The IFFS is also hosting the world premiere of his latest film, The Man Who Knew Too Much, a documentary about Colin Wallis, a former senior information officer at the UK Department of Defense. The film offers a look at the double standards in the intelligence world through the eyes of a man who was at the center of that story. "The Man Who Knew Too Much" is about Wallis, whose job involved spreading false news and creating discord between communities, organizations, and individuals, only to become a victim in this complex game. The "Man Who Knew Too Much" as well as the rest of the festival selection can be viewed at any time until midnight on Sunday.

The films that can be viewed for free with Macedonian subtitles are: "Coronation" by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, which was shot "from a distance", using materials from the people of Wuhan; the documentary investigation "Crime of Solidarity"; "Amazon: The Awakening of Florestania" on environmental issues and consumerism; "Solidarity" for the incredible "blacklists" for workers in the UK; "My dear grocery store" and "Meet the censors".

"The Social Dilemma", the current Netflix documentary, which will be shown in Macedonian translation for the closing of the festival, will be available only today at 20:XNUMX. The contents of the fourth edition of the Investigative Film Festival, including the visit of the son of the murdered Maltese journalist Daphne, Matthew Caruana Galicia; Dugal Shaw from the BBC on solutions for mobile journalism focused on solutions; and the conversation about the workers' rights of the journalists in the country, are available on the website

The fourth edition of IFFS is organized by the Platform for Investigative Journalism and Analysis - PINA in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation - Skopje and with support from the UNHCR office - Skopje.

Source: MIA

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