Suzana Turundzieva for "Free Press": Atidze and I are good and safe, we sympathize with the victims of the tragedy in Bulgaria

At least 45 people, including 12 children, were killed in a car accident on the Struma highway in Bulgaria when a Macedonian-registered bus caught fire on a route from Istanbul to Skopje.

After the severe car accident, many worried and scared people from all over the world call their relatives and friends in Macedonia, who these days traveled on this route, to find out if their loved ones are good and safe.

Singer and presenter Suzuna Turundzieva, who was currently staying in Istanbul, Turkey with Atidze Muratova, has received dozens of worrying calls since this morning, she told "Free Press", who were anxiously asked if they were on the same bus. 

The bus entered Bulgaria from Turkey through BCP "Kapitan Andreevo" shortly after 21 pm, and the accident happened around 02 am on the highway "Struma" in the direction Sofia - Blagoevgrad.

According to Suzana in a statement for "Free Press", they were returning from Istanbul at the same time, when the terrible accident happened, but Suzana and Atidze were traveling by car, through Greece.

Suzana says that many of her relatives and acquaintances, when they found out about the tragedy in Bulgaria, and knowing that Suzana and Atidze were returning from Istanbul the same day, were worried and panicked and kept looking for her to ask where they were and how they were.

To calm the anxiety and anxiety among the people, Suzana also posted a status on Facebook in which she said:


PHOTO | Atige and Suzana in Istanbul: The heroine of the movie "Honey Earth" was last in Turkey in 1994 with her father

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