Dry leaves and garden debris, a challenge for city hygienists

Organic waste, Photo: Free Press / Elena Veljanovska

Plant residues from the gardens, but also from the flowers in the yards, dry leaves from the trees, cut branches from the bushes… This type of waste in huge quantities can be seen in all Skopje municipalities.

Although the Public Enterprise "Communal Hygiene" collects this type of waste, still, in the field, their teams often face the problem of its improper disposal of garbage cans. Namely, according to the recommendations of this public utility company, the citizens who have this type of waste, it is necessary to cut it properly, to order it, and then to tie it for its easier loading. The prepared organic waste can be freely placed next to the municipal waste bin and the teams of the PE "Communal Hygiene" will thus remove it much faster and easier, and then will properly dispose of it.

Unfortunately, although from year to year the awareness of the population about the treatment and storage of this type of waste, which is characteristic for this period of the year grows, still unfortunately, in a huge number of locations in the city can be seen illegal landfills created by leaves or organic waste.

- PE "Communal Hygiene" in this period of the year is facing increased amounts of garden waste. We appeal to our customers not to throw this type of waste in the containers or on public areas, but to dispose of it neatly packed next to the placed containers for municipal waste disposal, so that it will be easily picked up and transported by our teams - say from PE "Communal Hygiene".


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