The DUP for Urban Block 57 in Tetovo was suspended, not a single square meter of greenery was planned

Photo: Free Press

At today's session, the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo suspended the DUP of Urban Block 57, the plot near the former factory "Shik Jelak", where the construction of a residential complex with over 5.000 residents is planned.

The President of the Council of Besart Durmishi, stated that it is an urban plan, which does not include a single square meter of greenery, nor enough parking space. Unlike the last time when the councilors suspended the entire DUP, now it is a suspension of 6 months, but only for the parcels of the DUP that have not been privatized.

"Urban solutions dehumanize the urban space and threaten the standardization of urban living. The damage to the public interest is not visible, but when the implementation begins, it will be huge. In the urban plan, it is foreseen that 5.600 inhabitants will live in the urban block. From this it follows that the residential density would be 1600 inhabitants per 1 hectare, which exceeds the urban standards. And the secondary road network solution is below any standard. Above-ground parking spaces do not meet the parking requirements. There should be underground parking lots, not a single square meter of green space is planned, says Besart Durmishi, president of the Tetovo Municipality Council.

And while on two occasions, the council has suspended the DUP for Urban Block 57, in the rest of the city, buildings are springing up like mushrooms, in whose urban blocks there is no humane living space at all, no parking space and greenery.

Photo: Free Press

The President of the Tetovo Durmishi Municipality Council says that the Department of Urban Planning does not issue permits for the construction of buildings that do not meet the conditions, and permits for construction in urban plots where there is no greenery and enough parking space, as he said, were given by the previous authorities. He also announced the demolition of buildings that are without a permit, but when the municipality stabilizes financially.

"All those measures that should be taken by the inspectorate have been taken, and those that are being built and do not have a building permit, a decision has been made to demolish them. They will be demolished when we have the financial means. Anywhere that is built without a permit will be demolished, said Besart Durmishi, president of the Tetovo Municipality Council.

So far, there have been no announcements from the municipality about more greenery in the city, or about the construction of the first city park, and the existing small green areas are not maintained.

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