Judicial Council: Courts will not function normally if judges' salaries are not increased

Judicial council - board / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

The Judicial Council reacts to the announced legal changes that will reduce the coefficients for calculating the salaries of officials and thus will not grow according to the growth of the average salary.

"The financial independence of the judiciary is of great importance for the independence and independence of the judiciary in general, so with intervention in a law in which the judge's salary is guaranteed, with a lack of financial resources for the payment of salary supplements for the employees of the judiciary, non-increase in the salaries of employees in the judiciary, disapproval of all the requested consents for new employments, directly affects the normal functioning of the courts and the independence and independence of execution of the judicial authority", say the Judicial Council.

Earlier, the Association of Judges strongly opposed the announcement of the reduction of the coefficients. They demand that the proposal be withdrawn immediately.

"Instead of the expected increase in the coefficient agreed upon through a six-year dialogue between ZSRSM and the RSM Government, today we are witnessing the suspension of what was agreed, now already with the rationale that a durable constitutional solution has been provided. The Association of Judges will use all possible legal and other means to suspend these possible legal amendments, which call into question the guaranteed personal income of judges," they wrote from there.

The need for changes in 6 laws after a shortened procedure got the green light today in the Parliament and now the committee hearings will have to be passed, and then the final vote.

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