The court returned her son to Severina: "I will not stop there, I will ask for full custody"

Photo: Instagram/Severina

The Croatian singer Severina Vuckovic and her former partner Milan Popovic they share custody of their son again Alexander, confirmed the singer's team for Croatian "Index".

After the Supreme Court overturned the verdict of the County Court in Split a month ago and returned full custody to the boy's father, there was a turning point in the Vuckovic-Popovic case.

The County Court in Split has now reiterated the previous final decision, according to which the father and mother are obliged to "contractually, jointly and equally exercise parental care".

"The court confirmed its previous decision, that is, it made the same decision as the first time. When the Supreme Court annulled the judgment of the County Court, it returned it to the County Court for decision-making, where it was again decided that the child would live with each of the parents for 14 days.

As Severina said the first time, this decision is certainly better than the first one, but we still believe that it is not in the interest of the child to live 14 days with the mother and 14 days with the father. The procedure for parental care between Severina and Milan Popović is still ongoing," said Severina's lawyer, Jasminka Bilosh.

According to the lawyer, Severina wants to have full custody of the child.

"If I tell you that Severina is not satisfied and that we believe that it is not in the interest of the child to live half a month with the mother and half with the father, it means that Severina wants the child to live with her. "Now I cannot speak about the further course of the procedure," he says.

In a statement to the same media, the singer said that she did not expect that the court would make this new decision so soon.

"I did not expect that the County Court in Split would make a new decision so quickly, because so far in my case, i.e. my child's, everything was slow, full of injustice and corruption.

The Split court again passed a verdict like in 2021, which is half and half. It's good they're back at it, anything is better than twice a week for four hours, but I won't stop there.

I will go to the end, I will ask for full custody and, of course, I will continue to fight for all women, i.e. their children with whom the system is messing with, victims of the system and institutions, 'powerful and powerless women,'" said Severina after the new verdict. .

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