Clash of the "Tirana" with the "Pristina" platform in the Macedonian elections

Ljubisa Nikolovski
Ljubisa Nikolovski. / Photo: Free Press

The memory of the stormy reactions to the so-called "Tyran platform" by VMRO-DPMNE and part of the public, that "it will destroy Macedonia as a state and that its parts will be annexed to Albania". Miraculously, there are no such reactions for "Pristina Platform"

In the attempts for a joint performance of the ruling coalition partners in the parliamentary elections, an opinion is created in the public that it will not be good for SDSM if it goes to joint lists with DUI, because it supposedly reduces its ethno-national potential!

It is not really clear why a coalition of parties from different ethnic origins should still be a taboo. Obviously, that prejudice only applies when it comes to a coalition with a party of Albanians, because for decades there have already been broad coalitions of different ethnic groups both in the VMRO-DPMNE camp and in the block of parties with SDSM.

When it comes to such a coalition, at least for SDSM, it should not be surprising because it already happened once during "one society for all", when they ran together with Besa in the elections, which, unfortunately for SDSM, benefited only Besa.

On the other hand, it is clear as day that VMRO-DPMNE also openly wants Albanian opposition parties in its ranks. But let's not forget that they go in a package with the party of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. This means that VMRO-DPMNE would form a coalition not only with Albanian parties from Macedonia, but also with a Kosovo party, in this case the ruling "Vetvendosja" (Self-Determination).

However, the law is clear in which way this can happen, but it should be known that for decades the Macedonian society has been trying to free the parties of the Albanians from the all-Albanian paternalism which in different periods of time came either from Albania or from Kosovo.

How acceptable this can be for VMRO-DPPMNE and its supporters remains to be seen, if it is true that "someone" has developed a feeling of Albanianphobia among them.

The memory of the stormy reactions to the so-called "Tyran platform" by VMRO-DPMNE and part of the public, that "it will destroy Macedonia as a state and that its parts will be annexed to Albania".

Miraculously, there are no such reactions now for this one, the "Pristina Platform", if that is what the gathering of parties from the European Union for Change (now called "Vredi") can be called under Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

But that is not so new when it comes to Macedonian parties going to Albanians to "buy their minds" outside the country.

More serious for concern is the announcement that the "domestic" representatives from Kosovo's "Self-Determination" will create the European Union's program and platform for change with which they will participate in the elections. What can that platform be if it is not based on the Albanian interests of Kosovo, which is a completely different state entity, with a different political environment, which makes that state a regionally unstable entity.

Of course, in this intention of a post-election coalition of VMRO-DPMNE and ESP, it is not about creating joint pre-election lists, but the principle of association before and after elections is essentially the same. Namely, coalitions are made in order to achieve a parliamentary majority and as a prerequisite for winning power, that is, forming a Government.

But the parties have to agree on some sort of rear platform, sooner or later translated into a government program.

At SDSM and DUI, the determination to continue European integration is evident, based on the obligation for constitutional changes limited to the inclusion of the Bulgarian minority in the Preamble.

On the other side of the political map, the opposition parties of the Albanians are grouped, which also declare themselves pro-European and which, with many persuasions from "outside", accepted the obligation for constitutional changes in favor of the Bulgarians, giving up (temporarily) changing the syntagma 20 percent in the Constitution in favor of the Albanian language.

Despite that, they are tempting for VMRO-DPMNE who see in such a partnership a sure victory in the elections and what is more important - taking over the power.

Such a Government will still have to harmonize the strategic interests of both. They did not do it now, before the elections, only because of the self-confidence of VMRO-DPMNE that they will win such a big victory, which will provide them with such a position, with which they will dictate the terms of the coalition.

This is exactly what makes such a government uncertain, because for now they have almost nothing in common that essentially connects them, except for the desire to remove DUI from power, certainly in a package with SDSM.

Soon it may happen that the parties will face irreconcilable differences, which will cause such turbulences on the political scene that will inevitably lead us to the so-called Bulgarian scenario in subsequent elections, or we will witness strange permutations of coalitions and defection of parties from one side to another.


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