The judges welcomed the State Department's report, which correctly reflected the state of the judiciary

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The Association of Judges welcomes the Report of the State Department for 2022, on the functioning of the justice system in the Republic of North Macedonia.

"The noted facts regarding judicial independence and autonomy, cases of inappropriate behavior in the judiciary, inappropriate political and business pressure on judges, protracted justice, as well as inadequate financing and staffing of the judiciary, which hinder the efficiency of judges and affect public confidence in the rule of law, fully corresponds to the commitments of the Association of Judges and the conclusions of the VII International Judges' Conference, held on November 2-3, 2022," states the announcement from the Association of Judges of the Republic of North Macedonia (ZSRSM).

The Conference, which was organized by ZSRSM with the support of the US Embassy in Skopje and the CEELI Institute from Prague, was attended by judges, presidents of courts and members of the Judicial Council of the RSM, judges from member states of the European Union and countries with open negotiations for full membership.

- These conclusions were submitted to the relevant national institutions, which we once again invite to work together on their implementation and the notes noted in the Report for 2022, in order to ensure adequate conditions for the rule of law and the rule of law, commitments confirmed at the XVI regular Assembly of the ZSRSM, held on February 21, 2023, in the adopted Declaration, to which the Association of Judges points out that the independence of the judiciary is necessary to ensure impartial justice, and therefore it should be supported in its individual and institutional aspect, having considering the fact that the various state authorities enable the functionality of a democratic state, only if each separately focuses on its competences, while fulfilling the duties arising from their constitutional position, states the announcement from the Association of Judges.

The Assembly, as stated in the announcement, called on the judges to confirm their integrity, through their decisions and daily behavior, while encouraging the media to comprehensively and objectively transmit information, with the aim of providing adequate preconditions for a real perception of the citizens towards the work of the judges.

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