The studio "Private Print" presents a research project of the graphic designer Gjorgji Despodov

The exhibition "Skip ad", which is followed by the book of the same name by Gjorgji Despodov, from November 26 to December 10 is set in the studio "Private Print" in Skopje.

It is a research project of the graphic designer Gjorgji Despodov, through which he rethinks the role of graphic design in the direction of a tool for critical reading. The whole research starts from the premise that graphic design today is most in favor of mass production, through which the world of our needs is shaped.

Hence, Despodov creates a playful artistic method called the "Self-Finding Session", an integral part of the wider Skip Ad project. Through this method, which is critically oriented towards mass consumerism, Despodov opens the possibility of an alliance between the graphic designer and the users.

Gjorgji Despodov (1996, Prilep) is a multidisciplinary designer, working mainly in the field of visual arts and creating concepts through a wide range of disciplines, such as graphic design, 3D visualizations and illustrations.

Despodov's exhibition and publication are part of the activities of the Private Print studio, supported by a program of the Prince Klaus Fund in Amsterdam. The program aims to discover local specifics and differences in cultural reality and to support emerging ideas.

In 2021, the studio "Private Print" worked on projects with the artist Ivana Mircevska, whose practice is based on video as a medium, graphic designer Gjorgji Despodov and transdisciplinary designer Klelija Zivkovic and with them developed the new edition "Future Perspectives", in which books by young artists that show an attitude towards the future of art and culture, thus rethinking their position as an artist or cultural worker in the system in which they work.

"Private Print" is a publishing house for art books and a studio for interdisciplinary research and practices in contemporary art and graphic design from Skopje.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" No. 107, in the print edition of the newspaper "Free Press" on November 27-28, 2021)

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