"Student resistance" threatens mass protests and blockades

Student protest in front of the Assembly/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Meto Zdraev

The "Student Resistance" movement announced today that it was adopted

"As the public is already well aware, a massive protest was announced in front of the Ministry of Education and Culture in order to express our great dissatisfaction with the lack of hearing about our demands. This protest should have been organized by the USS at UKIM, but we are witnessing that in a different way, the government's favorite student is trying to cancel the same protest, while pointing out that the problem of retroactive payment of the difference in scholarships may have been solved," said the organization.

"We have to emphasize that the Student Resistance will not withdraw from the protests as an act of expressing our revolt if all our demands are not met, because we, as students, have other demands that have not been fulfilled, say the Student Resistance. "As a reminder, our demands that come directly from the students are, a request for a meeting with the Minister of Education and representatives from the Student Resistance, as well as the inclusion of our representatives in the working bodies, the equalization of the scholarships (retroactive payment and new annex to the contracts), raising the daily amount of the subsidized student meal according to inflation to 160 denars, digitalization and abolition of the so-called "hidden costs" of the faculties, free/subsidized intercity transport for students, precise deadlines for the start and implementation of the announced reconstruction of the student dormitories, scholarships for students in the second cycle of studies, modernization of the laboratories of the natural and technical faculties and precise deadlines for starting and Realization of the construction of the buildings of FINKI and DIF", says "Student Resistance".

From there, they add that if "the demands of the students continue to be ignored", they will take "serious steps, such as mass demonstrations at key crossroads in cities, boycotting classes, etc."

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