Foreign investors from the development zones met with Bitici and the economic ministers

Photo: Chamber of Commerce

The key initiatives and proposals of foreign companies with the aim of facilitating operations in specific areas such as tax and customs policy, labor relations, education system, workforce, state aid and others, were presented by the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production at the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia at the regular working meeting with the Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi and other members of the economic team of the Government.

The Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia says in a statement that most of the requests have been previously discussed, but for some of them without concrete results.

The topic of the discussion was the requirements related to the realization of specific infrastructure facilities, requirements for facilitating the hiring of labor from abroad, with a particular emphasis on experts from profiles that are lacking in the country, the definition of clear and unified rules and a harmonized approach of the institutions for justified investment costs for state aid, translation and application of international accounting standards for financial reporting, request to harmonize the amount of grants for the creation of new jobs with the growth of the minimum wage, initiative to restore the treatment of a recognized expense for tax purposes of the expenses on the basis of premiums for private health insurance paid by the employer, and in the name and account of the employee and others, specified by the Chamber.

The statement added that the Government agreed that they should remain open to dialogue in the future and that it is important that both parties respect the agreed obligations, but also deliver concrete results through activities that are in the interest of the economic development of the country and raising the standard of living of the citizens.

I always listen attentively to the comments of investors, and I am open to comments on how to improve the conditions for the companies' operations. Our efforts go in the direction of supporting the economy from renewable energy sources, which is very significant for us as a Government, said Vice Prime Minister Bitici.

Otherwise, the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production represents the interests of export companies with technologically advanced production with the dominant participation of foreign capital from the technological-industrial development zones and from the industrial zones of the entire country, which employ more than 35.000 people, with realized exports. from the state close to 60% in 2022 and with realized investments of around 1 billion euros so far.

They significantly affect the economic growth of the country through the creation of new and well-paid jobs, increase in labor productivity, access to new technologies and knowledge, development and adoption of modern management skills and the general well-being in society.

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