Foreigners "hunt" truffles on Fruška Gora, collectors fight among themselves

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The Fruška gora mountain in Serbia has become one of the favorite destinations for hunters of the expensive underground truffle mushrooms, and there are more and more seekers in the rest of the country. Apart from Srem and Machva, truffles are also sought in Deliblatska peščara, on the Kosmaj, Rudnik and Oplenac mountains, in Obedska bara, in the forests of Crni lud and Senajska bara, and near the Boshut and Lug rivers. It is estimated that the number of truffle growers in Serbia has increased to around 5.000, and the unclear regulations lead to chaos in the field, writes the newspaper

"Truffle hunters will not reveal what they are doing, they hide the places where they look for truffles, of course for economic reasons. But there are more and more people, here everyone and everywhere can look for truffles. There is no permit, so there are conflicts, cars are broken, tires are punctured, people argue and fight. Now the season is slowly coming to an end, but from June a new search will begin, so Fruška Gora will be full of people looking for truffles with dogs or piglets," says Vladan Ilic, one of the truffle farmers from Fruška. mountain. How much truffles are actually golden mushrooms can be seen by their value.

The black truffle, which is cheaper, costs about 50 euros per kilogram, while the white royal truffle can reach a price of several thousand euros per kilogram. One of the first seekers of these mushrooms in Serbia says that tons of truffles are illegally exported from Serbia, because literally the country lies on truffles. If a piece of large white truffle costs 2.000 euros in Western Europe, it costs twice as much here. That is why it is clear why more and more foreign nationals from rich countries in the vicinity come here and export these mushrooms known as the best aphrodisiac without permission. Among the buyers of truffles working in Serbia are those from Croatia and Slovenia.

Unlike Serbia, in Croatia, for example, you know exactly where you can look for truffles, and there are permits that cost around 100 euros per year. Tartufari in Serbia can earn from 3.000 to 30.000 euros per year.

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