Dentists have finally solved the dilemma: Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

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We don't need to remind you that brushing your teeth is essential for their health as well as in general, but did you know that it is not recommended to do this activity too often because you can damage the tooth enamel?

This is just one of the things about oral hygiene that is still not widely known. The second concerns the eternal dilemma: is it better to brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

Most people have a habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and in the evening. Some of them, however, leave brushing their teeth until after breakfast, believing that this will most effectively remove food residues from their teeth, while others brush their teeth as soon as they get out of bed. What do the experts say about this issue?

If you ask dentists, they will tell you that it is always better to brush your teeth before breakfast. Namely, when we sleep, the bacteria in our mouth multiply. These are the same bacteria that create dental plaque and cause bad breath. If we brush our teeth before breakfast, a protective layer of fluoride will be created around them, which will partially protect them from bacteria from the food we will consume for breakfast. "Bride sight" (Bride sight).

In addition, if you must brush your teeth after breakfast, dentists recommend that you do so at least half an hour later, especially if you have eaten foods with a relatively high acid content, such as, for example, toast, orange juice and coffee .

Besides, by brushing your teeth in the morning before breakfast, you start the production of saliva. One study found that after brushing the teeth of study participants, there was a spike in saliva production, which helps break down food and kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.


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