Dentist Ilija Karamanov: Due to improperly aligned teeth, patients complain of pain in the head and neck

Photo: Private archive / Profimedia

Orthodontic therapy begins in early childhood. Special attention should be paid to prevention, and orthodontic therapy itself usually starts with mobile devices.

Depending on the diagnosis, ie the severity of the case, wearing mobile orthodontic appliances is only the initial stage of a complex orthodontic treatment, which ends with the placement of fixed briquettes. It should be noted that the specifics of childhood and the irregular wearing of mobile devices, contribute to some types of malocclusions must be treated with fixed prostheses.

Fixed orthodontic treatment can begin around the age of twelve, or even a little earlier, depending on the presence of permanent teeth in the mouth and their shaped roots. It can also be performed at an advanced age. It is often thought that orthodontic treatments provide only properly arranged teeth, but in fact, they enable the proper functioning of oral functions (chewing, swallowing, speech), as well as the proper function of the temporomandibular joint. Very often, orthodontic therapy also improves the physiognomy of the face by evening out the thirds of the face, especially if it is an open bite or a deep bite. The change in the patient's appearance greatly restores his self-confidence.

When teeth are misaligned, many patients complain of headaches, neck pain, especially in the ear area, which are the result of changes in temporomandibular joint function. Many patients, on the other hand, have major problems with periodontitis and caries, when there is a compaction of the teeth, which creates closed spaces that are difficult to clean. The use of processed soft foods and hereditary factors also play a role in the occurrence of malformations.

Patients' awareness of their own problem is growing and that is why we are increasingly encountering children and adults with fixed orthodontic appliances.

Today, in fixed orthodontics, there is a large selection of methods and systems that are used (classical, self-alloying, lingual…) and they are all evolving more and more in order to be more efficient and to give faster and more stable results. Which method will be used depends on the doctor, who assesses the condition and gives his expert opinion.

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