Stoltenberg promised help to Kiev for a faster end to the conflict

Providing uninterrupted long-term military and economic aid to Kiev will help end the Ukrainian conflict as soon as possible, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the BBC.

"We need to do everything we can to pledge more long-term support to Ukraine," he said. "The stronger our support for Ukraine, the sooner the war will end," the head of NATO said.

Stoltenberg previously told The Daily Telegraph that the alliance had begun consultations on putting nuclear missiles on alert. He stressed that NATO remains a nuclear alliance that faces threats from Russia, China and North Korea. A Kremlin spokesman said these statements were "nothing but escalation".

"This is nothing new. "NATO has had a nuclear deterrent since we were founded and we are transparent about this, so there are no changes," Stoltenberg stressed. He claimed it was not an escalation, "not at all". At the same time, he accused Russia of allegedly "escalating with very dangerous nuclear rhetoric, but also with actually threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine." "Nuclear weapons will never be used and nuclear war will never be fought and cannot be won," he said.

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