Stoilkovski: In the next period VMRO-DPMNE will decide whether to participate in the technical government

Naum Stoilkovski
Naum Stoilkovski / Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

VMRO-DPMNE has not yet decided whether it will participate in the technical government that should be elected on January 28 and whose prime minister, according to DUI's proposal, should be Talat Xhaferi, party spokesman Naum Stoilkovski said.

In the next period, the bodies of VMRO-DPMNE will make a decision whether to participate and possibly with which names to participate in such a government, Stoilkovski said in response to a journalist's question at the press conference in front of the Government.

He emphasized that SDSM is doing harm to the state by not accepting their proposal to abolish the "Przhinsk government" project in order to, as he said, make Talat Xhaferi the prime minister.

The despot from Forino is a character known to the public from his violations of laws and procedures, to the recordings with his juicy curses and outbursts, which is not material for a prime minister of a country like Macedonia in crisis. But Macedonia with SDS has to suffer because Mala Recica, Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi ordered Dimitar Kovacevski to do so. That is the only reason why there is still a shameful project called the Przhin government in Macedonia, and why there is no change in the electoral model, Stoilkovski pointed out.

Regarding DUI's statement that their next project is the head of state, Stoilkovski said that DUI's next project is going into deep opposition.

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