The poetry collection "Rock in the Sea" by Pavlina Atanasova will be promoted at the MKC

Invitation to the promotion

On the plateau in front of the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje on May 25, from 20 p.m., there will be a promotion of Pavlina Atanasova's second collection of poems - "Rock in the Sea", published in the "Graviri" edition of "PNV Publications" from Skopje. The collection of poems will be presented by Juliana Velichkovska through a conversation with the author.

- Pavlina Atanasova's second collection of poems thematically follows on from her first collection of poems "The Big Embrace" with which the author entered the shortlist for the "Brothers Miladinovci" prize awarded by the Struga Evenings of Poetry. The book contains forty poems, which are again dominated by the blueness of water in all its forms, love, family, dreams and desires, but also fears... the silent things... however, expressed through verses with healing properties. This is poetry that heals - Juliana Velichkovska points out.

The poet Gjoko Zdreveski, on the other hand, will say: "Pavlina Atanasova's poetry is one of those that make you want to write." Pictures create pictures, rhythm - rhythm. The reader is at ease in her dreams and in her waters. It happens less and less often, as it happens to me now, that what I read leaves me with a sense of meaning."

And Stefan Kostoski in his review of the poetry collection says: "Atanasova's poetry is quiet water that calmly listens to all the sounds of the universe. The memories, which are imposed in media res in the poems from 'Rock in the Sea', emerge right from the water, come with the midday rain, which then ties in with the themes of home and identity. It is the moment of the calm, quiet and dreamy age of nature when one thinks of the loved ones, of the living, of the dead, of the hereafter, of happiness, of sorrow, of love and of hope."

Pavlina Atanasova (1993, Shtip) writes poetry and short stories. She is the author of the poetry collections: "The Big Hug" (2020, "PNV Publications"), which was shortlisted for the "Brothers Miladinovci" prize awarded by the Struga Evenings of Poetry and "Rock in the Sea" (2023, "PNV Publications") .

She participated in the "Poetry Night in Velestovo", the Struga Evenings of Poetry and the "Skopje Poetry Festival". She also performed at several poetry readings across Macedonia, including "Poetic Episode" in Skopje and "Good Guests" in Shtip. Her poetry is represented in several selections and anthologies, and regularly appears in periodicals. Her songs have been sung in Serbian, Croatian, Albanian and Turkish languages.

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