State Department: Russia "not ready" for talks with Ukraine

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller says Russia is "not ready for any serious discussions in good faith" after an international gathering in Switzerland over the weekend failed to produce any "interesting" progress.

"Russia's activities make this particularly clear as it continues its bombing campaigns against Ukraine's critical infrastructure, threatens ships in the Black Sea, and forcibly relocates tens of thousands of Ukrainian children," Miller stressed.

He recalled that on Thursday, President Biden and President Zelenski signed a bilateral security agreement.

This legally binding agreement contains a set of mutual commitments that represent a historic show of support for Ukraine's long-term security.

It is a key milestone as we seek to establish a broad, mutually reinforcing and powerful network of nations to safeguard Ukraine's future and support its Euro-Atlantic integration, including its interoperability with NATO, Miller noted.

A State Department spokesman also condemned Chinese companies supporting Russia with equipment and said action would be taken with European partners to stem the flow.

Miller also commented on the collision between a Chinese ship and a Philippine supply ship near the disputed Spratly Islands, saying "this escalating incident is the latest in a series of provocations by the PRC to prevent critically needed supplies from reaching members of the service stationed in the Sierra Madre.

Those actions reflect a continued disregard for the safety of Filipino lives and international law in the South China Sea, Miller added.

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