Stefanos Kaselakis is the new star of the Greek political scene who replaced Tsipras

photo: screenshot/facebook

Stefanos Kaselakis is the new name of Greek politics. The thirty-five-year-old entrepreneur, who is originally from Athens, spent a large part of his life in the United States. He replaced Alexis Tsipras in the leadership position in SYRIZA.

His name appeared almost at the last moment and only a month before the internal party elections. Kaselakis, who is also openly gay, ran a completely different campaign from his opponents, primarily through Instagram and Tik Tok, which overnight made him a new star on the Greek political scene.

The media frenzy about him went to the point where, in addition to his long-term partner with whom he lives in a civil partnership, his relatives were invited to television appearances, including a woman who falsely claimed to be his grandmother. The phenomenon, as part of the media called it, managed to triumph over former minister Efi Ahcioglu, who was considered the absolute favorite.

One of the topics in the campaign was the Prespa agreement, which was achieved by Tsipras, and they paid the price by losing power. Regarding this issue, Kaselakis also published a video from the Greek side of the Dojran Lake, assessing that a compromise was necessary because Greece was losing the battle in the world public.

"Across the lake is a neighboring state now called S. Macedonia. It is a sensitive topic. I realized that unfortunately we have lost this battle, and as the years went by and I corrected my American friends who mistakenly said that Alexander the Great was not from Greece but from Macedonia, I realized that as they say in English "perception is a reality." That it doesn't matter what reality is, but what the other person thinks about that reality. "


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