Stefanija played the play "Seagull" in honor of her mother: Julia Macievska with an emotional announcement

Julia Macievska
Photo: Printscreen / Facebook / Julia Macievska

The 41-year-old artist died a week ago Andrijana Macievska, the daughter of the famous singer and host Julia Macievska, after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

"My angel flew away": Julija Macievska with a touching announcement after the death of her daughter

Yesterday, her daughter Stefanija dedicated the role in the play "Seagull" to her mother, and the news was shared by her grandmother, Julia.

"Last night on the boards that mean life - Comedy Theater, my sun Stefania shone in the role of Nina, magnificent as a real seagull in the play" Seagull "by AP Chekhov. Stephanie played this role, this play and dedicated it to her mother, to Andriana, to our heavenly angel. "Thanks to the whole crew of the play, for all the masterful energy they brought to the stage and made an unforgettable experience," wrote Julia in the description of several photos from the play.

Julia Macievska
Julia Macievska / Photo: Printscreen / Facebook


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