Stefan Vujisic, actor: We are a diminutive country, from the absence of foundations we strive for a baroque roof

Stefan Vujisic
Stefan Vujisic / Photo: Private archive

We wanted to show that quality can be achieved with a "lo-fi" approach. Quality does not only mean clear and paid production without any artistic textual domain, but vice versa. But, because we are a diminutive country and from the absence of foundations we strive for a baroque roof, but these are temporal sensations, says the young and already very successful actor Stefan Vujisic in the conversation for

In hip-hop culture and history like ours, it is harder to get out of the conventional approach and reach the audience with an experimental lo-fi approach, but there are still fighters for a new, alternative movement that will hopefully pull the whole culture in the new century.

In the conversation, the actor Stefan Vujisic quasi-intimately reveals to us what it is like to be a "borderline" artist with a divergent expression who has decided to get to know himself, and is decisive - "I am not one color, one finger, one drawer and I want to get to know each other ! “

A young and already very successful actor, how would you briefly introduce yourself to the public?

- Someone who travels, more often in place. She walks horizontally and vertically and is halfway to wrestling with windmills and outdated reflexes.

Stefan Vujisic
photo: private archive

What is it like to be one foot in two arts and are those arts related? How do you decide in which medium how you will express yourself and whether a specific expression requires a specific medium?

- Sometimes it's a problem…

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