Stefan Stojanovic won the silver medal at the World Karate League in Venice

Stefan Stojanović with the silver in Venice, Italy/photo: Bosko Zaborski

In the period from December 7 to 10 in Venice, Italy, the last tournament of the series of tournaments is held World Youth Karate League. At this prestigious tournament, Macedonia was represented and a part of the youth team of our most trophy-winning karate club "Makpetrol" took part.

"Makpetrol" karate player, Stefan Stojanovic (+84 kg.) won the silver medal from the largest and highest quality World Karate League for junior seniors U21. Stojanovic entered the finals in the oldest category of junior seniors (U21), with four consecutive victories in the elimination part. In the final, he lost with a minimum score of 0:1, and managed to win the silver medal.

Stefan Stojanović with the coach of KK Makpetrol, Petar Zaborski

- We are satisfied with the performance of all karate players from the "Makpetrol" team, we managed to win one silver medal and achieved two high placings in the seventh place, we managed to continue the continuity of winning medals from the most elite karate competitions, this is a total of 47 medals for our club from the most elite World Karate Premier Leagues, in senior and youth competition. In Venice, we made an excellent control and we end the year with a world medal, just as we started it with a medal from the World Premier Karate League in Athens - said the coach of "Makpetrol", Petar Zaborski.

A record 4133 competition entries from 81 countries were registered at the World League in Venice.

Results – Karate 1 Youth League Venice U-21 for the athletes from "Makpetrol":
+84 kg
Stefan Stojanovic – Mihail Bistrichanov (Bulgaria) 2:0
Stefan Stojanovic – Amir Zouaoui (France) 3:2
Stefan Stojanovic – Joaquin Marquez Sanchez (Venezuela) 1:0
Stefan Stojanovic – Nikolai Sekot (Germany) 2:1
Stefan Stojanovic – Danil Kasianov (Ukraine)

Macpetrol's Karate Fighters

Jovana Micovska (-61), won two victories in the rematch and was on the verge of fighting for the bronze medal, but lost to the Croatian Iris Kovacs 0:5, thus also taking seventh place.

Vitomir Trajkovski (-84), recorded three wins, and in the fourth he lost minimally 0:1 against Mikhail Bugajov from Ukraine.
-84 kg
Vitomir Trajkovski – Boise Bellasry (France) 9:1
Vitomir Trajkovski – Lorenzo Bisol (Italy) 5:1
Vitomir Trajkovski – Simon Prievozic (Slovakia) 2:1
Vytomir Trajkovski – Maxim Bukhayov (Ukraine) 0:1

Danilo Bozovic (+84kg) recorded two wins and a loss in the rematch, so he won the seventh place.
Danilo Bozović – Svetlin Zankov (Bulgaria) 5:1
Danilo Bozovic – Danil Kasianov (Ukraine) 0:1
Danilo Bozović – Antonio Iiadaresta (Italy) 1:0
Danilo Bozovic – Nabil Bellasry (France) 3:5

67 kg
Dimitar Lozanovski – Hamza Jaber-Rais (Belgium) 2:1

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