SSM: The account of JP Vodovod and Sewerage is blocked, the employees fear for the payment of salaries

The employees of JP Vodovod and Sewerage Skopje warn that they are under constant pressure from the acting director Marjance Mitovski, which culminates in the last letter he sent to all employees of JP Vodovod and Sewerage Skopje, in which he placed himself above the Management Board in the enterprise, they report from SSM. Namely, as stated by the information from the Union of Trade Unions, V.D. the director sent a message to the employees that they must not respect the Decisions of the Management Board which, according to SSM, is contradictory because the director himself has grounds for his dismissal according to the Law if he does not respect the decisions of the Management Board in the pre-drink.

- After the message sent about a month ago that the workers must be blindly obedient only to him, and if he did not carry out the reorganization and change of the systematization with dismissal from work and redeployment, which all the competent inspection authorities and the management board annulled as illegal, just as he illegally fired the president of the Union in Vodovod, now he would have called to protect the employees as acting director, if the employees had acted contrary to the decisions of the management board - say the SSM.

In addition, the SSM claims that the employees are worried about the payment of their salaries due to the fact that the account of JP Vodovod and Sewerage was blocked by executors from Friday until yesterday.

- Such an ignorant attitude is a danger for other public enterprises and the salaries of the workers there because the services for other public enterprises (Parks and Greenery and Communal Hygiene) are billed through the water bills, which if the accounts of JP Vodovod and Sewerage are blocked, there will be no to be able to receive the collected funds, and thus they will not be able to pay the salary of the employees - SSM informs.


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