SSM: If workers' rights are not respected, Open Balkan will "rape" the Macedonian workers

Photo: Workers on a railway in Italy -EPA-EFE/CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI

If labor rights are not respected, the new agreement that comes with Open Balkans from July 1 will empty the jobs in the country, commented the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia. Their reaction comes after the statement of Serbian Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade Tomislav Momirović that workers from Serbia, Macedonia and Albania will receive a single identification number and will be able to be easily employed in all states no matter where they live.

- The Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia is the only representative union and social partner in the country, our commitment is that workers and citizens primarily realize the right to work, salary and a dignified existence in their own country. For those reasons, when creating national strategies and policies for economic development, we advocate for financial laws and principles to attract new investments that will enable the creation of a greater number of real and sustainable jobs. they say in SSM .

Workers on Corridor 8/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

In doing so the union uniquely and uncompromisingly supports decent work with full respect for employment rights and care for the priorities and interests of the state, citizens and workers. From there they say that zcountries from the open Balkans have been applicants for EU membership for a long period of time, and from that point of view they are expected to harmonize the national labor-law legislation with EU law and international labor standards.

- It will enable equal working conditions in all countries of the region, but still an advantage for every worker who will stay at work in his country is that there will be no costs for accommodation, travel costs, etc. and of course that is extremely important and motivating. he will not be separated from his family and he will be able to meet his social and societal needs quickly and efficiently - they say in SSM.

According to them if government measures and programs do not create conditions for economic development, and thus decent work for citizens, that is, if conditions are not created for an increase in wages that will ensure the livelihood of workers and their families, and if the demands of SSM for respecting the basic rights of employment, the right to eight-hour working hours, the right to daily, weekly and annual leave, the right to work for an indefinite period of time, healthy and safe working conditionsи with full respect for workers' dignity, the workers will leave the country.

Construction workers buildings construction site / Photo: "Sloboden pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

- If the conditions offered by the Government and employers are not improved of course the workers will go to other countries to secure their livelihood rights- say from CCM.

The whole thing started a few days ago when Serbian Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade Tomislav Momirović said that the workers from Serbia, Macedonia and Albania will receive a unique identification number and will be able to easily find employment in all countries, regardless of where they live - he said

- In Open Balkans we are currently focused on the labor market and we are working on establishing a unique identification number in July for all people on the labor market in the member countries of this initiative. This will mean that they can freely get a job in any of these three countries - says Momirovic.

He assessed that the economic integration of the region is one of the priorities of his country and that it is very important for companies, because, as he stated, there is no wider economic integration until the neighbors are integrated. According to Momirović, after the process of entering the European Union was delayed, the three countries from the Western Balkans decided to take a step forward and thus the Open Balkans was born.

Angel Dimitrov, the President of the Assembly of the Organization of Employers, says that there will be many benefits for the Albanian workers who come to our country.

Construction workers summer
Illustrative photo of construction workers / Photo: EPA/GEORGI LICOVSKI

- I think that this agreement that comes with the Open Balkans at this moment should not have a drastic impact and reduce the number of workers in our country. He who wants to replace will go to the EU for a higher salary, not to Serbia. But it will be much better for seasonal workers who come to the country from Albania. Until now, they could not exercise their labor rights and get a job. Now it will be very easy - says Dimitrov.

Judging by the job postings on Serbian job sites, their salaries are far higher than ours.

From the wide range of jobs in the capital Belgrade, in addition to developers and experts from the IT industry, a few stand out други profiles. Are required cporters, cooks, sales agents, craftsmen, waiters, storekeepers. Among them, advertisements for installers. That these jobs are really in high demand is also confirmed by the fact that workers are offered twice the salary for performing these jobs.

Thus, by searching the portal for advertising job offers, there are cases where waiters are offered salaries over 100.000 dinars, for drivers over 150.000 dinars, for construction physicistswhich workers about 80.000 dinars...Rabbitthreads for delivery, whether it is food or other products, are more and more in demand, so many courier services employ drivers and offer salaries from 90.000 to 150.000 dinars. B category drivers are the most sought after, but C category drivers are also increasingly sought after for transporting goods from the warehouses of large companies.

Hospitality is always open to new workers, and these three occupations are first on the list. There are almost no advertisements where the salary for chefs is less than 90.000 dinars.

The average salary is about one thousand euros, and often exceeds 150.000 dinars. Chefs have a much higher salary, which can reach up to 3.000 euros. Assistant cooks usually earn a minimum wage, but it depends on the employer, so their salary can reach up to 80.000 dinars.

It is the same with workers in fast food or pancake shops, whose starting salary is on average from 65.000 to 70.000 dinars. Almost every one the second ad is for internet sales agents or online consignment work for large companies. A good knowledge of English or German is usually required for this job.
Wages vary and are often calculated hourly in the currency in which the company operates, such as the dollar. One ad welldi monthly salary from 80.000 to even 250.000 dinars with mandatory conditions "to speak English fluently" and to "have exceptional communication skills".


Photo: EPA/EFE/ Gjorgi Lichovski

Warehouse workers are also one of the scarce professions because it is hard physical work. Their expected earnings are on average about 80.000 dinars, and over 100.000 dinars.

We were also interested in an advertisement for a taxi driver in Nis, which offers a salary of 70.000 to 100.000 dinars with the possibility of incentive earnings. It is a confirmation that drivers are also necessary in this city.

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