Serbian tax officials sell confiscated tuna cans, dresses, perfumes or glasses, the auction looks like a "buffet"

perfume collection
Photo: Private archive

The Tax Administration of Serbia is not only the place where taxes are paid, but also a kind of shopping mall, which is confirmed by the constant auctions of confiscated goods. Auctions are almost daily and the supply seems to be more and more diverse.

And while in the past at these auctions mostly seized cars or forests, pastures, meadows of various categories were sold, today this offer is like a "buffet table" from a needle to a locomotive, writes Politika rs. If you look at the website of the Tax Administration you will be surprised what can be sold, under certain conditions. Already this Friday, dresses will be sold at auction whose price ranges from 4.565 to 7.247 dinars per piece, and the total value is about 156.224 dinars.

In addition, the offer includes cheap perfumes, sunglasses with a total value of 1,5 million dinars, tracksuits, and other clothing. It is interesting that now at the auction you can also find canned tuna, which in stores costs about 250 dinars, and here it is sold for 83,50 dinars or 165 dinars depending on the deadline. There is also an auction for a super mosquito killer, as well as men's shirts. According to the regulations of the first public auction, the movable property that is the subject of sale cannot be sold for less than 60 percent of the determined initial value.

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