The Serbian police in 9 cities arrested 13 people for illegal production and trade of fake products

Photo: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia

In the action, which was carried out in nine cities in Serbia, resellers of dietary supplements, veterinary preparations, counterfeit products of well-known brands, and even counterfeit auto parts were targeted, informs 

Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police administrations in Šabac, Požarevac, Niš, Kikinda, Sombor, Leskovac, Valevo, Novi Pazar and Pancevo, in coordination with the market inspectors, arrested 8 people who are suspected of having committed the crime of illegal production and trade in dietary supplements. supplements, veterinary preparations. dietary supplements, veterinary preparations, according to the announcement of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior.

Also, criminal charges will be filed against five other persons to the competent basic public prosecutor's offices for the same crimes.

They are suspected of illegal production and distribution of goods and services during the last year and this year, without the approval of the competent state authorities for the production and trade of nutritional supplements and other goods and services and with the aim of selling the products for a long time period, produced a large amount of raw and counterfeit products and sold them through social networks.

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