Serbian list for the boycott of the local elections: The mistrust of the Kosovo Serbs towards Kurti is cemented

Serbian list/ Photo MIA

The Serbian List said today that the decision not to participate in the upcoming local elections in the north of Kosovo is "a consequence of the continuous institutional violence against the Serbs by the regime of Albin Kurti".

In the announcement, Srpska lista recalls that the demands they set as a condition for returning to Kosovo institutions, establishing the Community of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO) and withdrawing all special units from the north of Kosovo have not been met.

"In the previous two years, the anti-Serb regime of Albin Kurti curtailed the right of Kosovo Serbs to vote in elections and referendums, banned vaccination against the coronavirus and prevented the delivery of medicines and medical supplies, arrested, persecuted and accused Serbs without any evidence," they state from the Serbian list.

They accused Kurti of "despite the Brussels agreement" preventing the use of KM license plates and thereby "depriving the Serbian people of their right to free movement".

"The punitive hordes of Kosovo special forces took away the land of the Serbian hosts in Zubin Potok and Leposavic and built wild bases in these municipalities, and they harass the Serbian people and shoot at the Serbs every day. We remind Albin Kurti that since the beginning of the year, Serbian children Stefan and Miloš were shot at in Strpac from the official firearms of members of the KBS, and Miljan Delević was shot from behind the Bistrica bridge," the statement added.

From Srpska lista, they state that with "the attitude towards the Serbian people, Kurti also showed it by placing the disloyal Serbs, as Nenad Rasic for a minister, even though there is no support from the citizens and from any MP in the parliament in Pristina, as well as with the refusal to respect the decision of the Constitutional Court to return the land to the Visoki Decani monastery.

"Considering all of the above, the Serbian List, in accordance with the views of the citizens that we have been representing for years, has decided not to participate in these elections. The mistrust that Serbs feel towards Kurti has been cemented by his latest moves," the statement said.

Local elections in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo have been announced for April 23, and the deadline for registering parties and candidates expired yesterday.

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