Meeting of Angelovska-Bežoska with the Deputy Director General of the IMF, Lee: Narodna Bank ensured the stability of the denar, inflation movements and the banking sector

PS24 Meetings with the IMF/Photo: National Bank

The National Bank conducts appropriate policies, which contributed to the stabilization of inflation, the exchange rate of the denar and maintaining the stability of the banking sector. This was pointed out by deputy the general director of the International Monetary Fund, Bo Li, during the meeting with the Macedonian delegation at the Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, which is led by the Governor of the National Bank, Anita Angelovska-Bejoska and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Filip Nikoloski, and which includes the Vice Governor Fadil Bajrami.

At the same time, the senior representative of the IMF indicated the need for further prudence in the conduct of policies, given the uncertain global context, where inflation is slowing down – but more slowly, while global growth rates are below the historical average. 

As part of the Spring Meetings, the delegation had a meeting with The director of the IMF for Europe, Alfred Kamer, who also stated that the results of the appropriate management of the monetary policy by the National Bank, are visible through the downward trend of inflation, positive movements in foreign exchange reserves and the stability of the banking system.

Governor Angelovska-Bejoska emphasized that despite several shocks, macroeconomic stability has been maintained through numerous monetary and macroprudential measures. However, risks exist and a careful approach is required.

Also, the delegation had a meeting with IMF Executive Director and Alternate Executive Director, Paul Heeлbers and Luke Dresse, which discussed the latest macroeconomic trends and the need for further vigilance in conducting macroeconomic policies.

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