Silver for the Macedonian taekwondo player Reljic at the Balkan G1 Cup in Sarajevo

Mila Reljic (first from the left in the photo)/photo source: Macedonian Olympic Committee

Macedonian taekwondo player Mila Reljic won a new medal from international competitions after winning a silver medal at Balkan G1 Cup in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our competitor, as the first seed, was free in the first round, then won a victory over the Croatian Lea Spehar with 2:1 in the rounds.

In the semi-finals, Reljic triumphed with 2:0 in the rounds over the Norwegian Karoline Gjelsvik, and in the final, despite a great fight, Nadja Savkovic from Serbia singled out a victory.

With this, the Macedonian taekwondo player continues the series of winning G1 medals that bring her points for the Olympic norm for Paris 2024.

Earlier this year, Reljic also won a silver medal at the Tallinn G1 Open, she was third at the open championship in Turkey from the G2 ranking of the World Taekwondo Federation. Fifth place at the European Games in Poland, she won a bronze at the European Club Championship in Sofia, and a gold medal at the Skopje Ramus G1 Open international competition.

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